Birth control methods

Birth control is the prevention of pregnancy. Today, you have many ways for preventing unwanted pregnancy and most of them are considered to be safe.

As there are numerous ways to prevent birth control, it is your choice of what method to adopt. Condoms and birth control pills are the most common methods used in preventing pregnancy.

All the birth control methods work in the same way. They prevent the sperm from entering the egg or prevent the fertilised egg from clinging on to the urine wall, thus preventing its growth.

Condoms are very cheap and are available everywhere. Moreover, condoms can also protect you from Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Well, birth control pills are widely used for preventing unwanted pregnancy. The pills come in many forms like combination pills and progesterone pills. But it is advised to take birth control pills only as per your doctor’s direction. The birth control pills also come with many side effects.

Just like birth control pills are the hormone shots that help in preventing pregnancy. But take care that you take hormone shots only after consulting the doctor.

Another method that has been noticed is to go for Intrauterine Device. These Intrauterine devices are inserted into a women’s uterus, which helps in preventing the sperms from reaching the eggs.

Then there is the natural way of understanding the menstrual cycle for birth control. Once you know a woman’s periodic cycle and the peak periods when she is likely to get pregnant, better avoid intercourse during this period.

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Get knowledge about Birth control
You will be amaze to know that world population is increasing 1.8% yearly. It is about 6.93 billion according to United States bureau. You can imagine from this figure that world population is increasing so fast. The biggest growth has been seen in the African countries. In 10 most populated countries of world, 5 Asian countries are present. It means that birth rate is not controlled in Asian countries. A radical step has been taken by many governments to control the population of world. We people should support our governments by following their advices. They have introduced different methods to keep the population in control. An increase in population is creating problems for the African countries because they have fewer resources of food and residence. We can help them by adopting the birth control techniques. Here in this article I shall give you information about different techniques or methods of birth control.

Some methods are new but the use of birth control methods is quite ancient. In the past, people used ghee, honey, rock salt and the seeds of palasa tree and their mixture put inside the vagina. A layer formed by it stops the semen of male moving towards the eggs. As a result no fertilization process occurs. Now these ancient methods have been replaced by modern methods but these methods are still used in some areas of India. Let us discuss about the modern methods of birth control. The first and mostly adopted method is the use of condom. Men are willing to use condoms before sex if they do not want a baby. Such decisions are really good in controlling the population of world.

Another effective technique for birth control is the use of vaginal ring. This ring is worn on the vagina which releases the oestrogen and progesterone hormones. These hormones help in making a barrier between egg and sperm. You can also find female condom in market. This condom is worn inside the vagina which stops the direct contact of penis with vagina. A lubricant in the female condom makes the sexual activity less painful for both men and women. Some people stops having sex due to this birth control. It is not possible to leave the sex for more than 3 years. It is just like punishing yourself in this duration. I shall recommend you to adopt such methods which are given by the gynecologists. They know better than us so always consult with them before the adoption of any technique. Since modern methods are safer than the ancient one so try to use them. Do not go for ancient one because they need a lot of struggle for their formation.

If these above mentioned methods are not friendly then women has the option to use contraceptive pills. Their use is getting popularity in all over the world. People are finding this method very safe and efficient for birth control. If anyone of you wants to get more information about the birth control methods then he can search it on internet.