Diflucan is a strong and effective drug that is also referred to as fluconazole

Diflucan is a strong and effective drug that is also referred to as fluconazole. This drug is mainly used to cure fungal infections in the body. Though the drug is very effective and best for treating nail fungus, it comes with its side effects such as skin rashes, vomiting, nausea and headaches. It may also come with more serious side effects like extreme skin reactions and liver toxicity. Before using this drug it is advised that you try other treatments that may not have more serious side effects first rather than taking a drug that will cause more serious health problems.

For nail fungus, diflucan is very effective though it may take a lot of time to completely cure the disease. While on treatment, the patient must take good care of his hands and feet by keeping the nails short and clean, the feet should be washed daily and dried carefully. Generally, an environment with good air circulation is not a friendly one for fungus, hence ventilated shoes or bare feet are the best when on treatment. Even after the infection is gone, you should maintain these precautions to prevent recurrence. If diflucan is so expensive or if its side effects are too risky for the patient, there are many other medications that you can turn to.

Apart from treating nail fungus, many women have also considered taking diflucan for vaginal yeast infections. Before taking this drug you have to be aware of its side effects and whether you can take it or not.