It helps Women to know about Male Menopause

Women are homemakers. They have a full time job that keeps them working round the clock. As homemakers, they are the central focal point around which the home is built, children grow up and life of the entire family revolves around them. Women play multiple roles of being a wife, mother, daughter, and daughter in law etc. They cook, clean and look after the children, but look after their husband’s too.

A woman does a lot of physical work and at the same time manages many more portfolios. She is ever watchful of children’s health, her own body related issues and coupled with it all she also keeps a watch on her husband’s health too.

This article is especially useful for such women who are watchful of their husband’s health and also for men who are over 40 years of age.

Just like how women face gynecological problems and go through menopausal symptoms, men too go through similar menopausal phase somewhere between the age of 40 to 50 years.

In most of the cases, men are not well aware of the fact that they go through male menopause called andro pause and hence are unable to diagnose the problem when it occurs. Though chivalrous and brave, men tend to be very shy when it comes to their personal and health related issues and often it is the wife who takes initiative in understanding and following up with the treatment what ever the man is advised to by the doctors. Hence in this case too it becomes important that women be aware of the facts so that it becomes easier to deal with the situation.

In fact in many cases women can probably detect the changes in the man early before he even gets to know of it, for women are extremely sensitive to the emotional as well as physical make up of their husbands and are able to read them better than they do for themselves.

If you find your husband feeling a little tired and starts feeling lazy and lethargic, you should start watching out. Suddenly you mind start noticing mood swings and depression as well as restlessness. There is bound to be a sudden change of behavior, which is very unlikely of the person. Before you know it , your husband will have started becoming emotionally vulnerable and you will also find that he starts gaining weight or starts loosing weight rapidly.

Quite often when such things happen, the normal reaction would be to get tested for blood sugar, cholesterol and hypertension which are likely to visit the body at this time round. But it may also be the onset of male menopause and the man is likely to face similar symptoms as faced by women including hot flushes.

In case of male menopause, the onset is marked with a gradual decrease in male sex hormone called testosterone. This hormone is primarily responsible for the sexual drive as well as release of sperm in man. It is also responsible for the muscular strength. With loss of this hormone, you might find another problem related to inability to achieve erection. This condition is known as erectile dysfunction.

It is very easy for women to detect these occurrences in early stages. It is quite difficult for men not only to face this fact but to be able to discuss openly with anyone else. So women can make it easier by taking the lead and accompanying your husband to the doctor who will prescribe hormone supplement as well as daily doze of Cialis.

Cialis is a wonder drug that will cure the erectile dysfunction and help you resume normal physical relationship.