Topamax is used to prevent the seizures of epilepsy

Topamax treats and prevents certain kinds of seizures. The medicine is also prescribed migraine headaches.

Topamx should be taken in empty stomach or with food. The drug should have to be swallowed only. Never crush, chew or break the tablet. If there is any difficulty in swallowing the drug, sprinkle the granules in some applause and take it. Always drink lots of fluids while you are on Topamax medication.

While you are on Topamx medication, never stop the drug in the middle of a course after you feel some relief of your condition. If Topamax is stopped in the middle of a course, there is a possibility the seizures may come back.

Never miss any dose and stick to the dosage timetable. If you forget the dosage, have it once you realize it. However, skip the missed dose if it is time for your regular dosage. Never compensate for the missed dosage of Topamax.

It is better to inform the doctor about all your health conditions, including the allergies that you have. Tell the doctor if you are having liver, heart or kidney disease, glaucoma, kidney stones and asthma before he gives you Topamx.

The drug is known to develop thoughts of suicide in you. So if you come across any mood change or behavior change, contact the doctor immediately.
Once Topamx is taken, do not drive or perform any hard task as the drug I known to cause dizziness and lightheadedness.

As like all drugs, Topamx also comes with may side effects and allergic reactions. Always contact the doctor if you feel any uneasiness.